Good and Neutral Deities

These are the deities that survived the Dawn War and are now the primary gods and goddesses worshiped in these lands. Detailed information can be obtained on numerous wikis by way of a Google search.

Avandra (Chaotic Good)
Goddess of change, luck, trade, travel
Domains: Trickery
Symbol: Three stacked wavy lines

Bahamut (Lawful Good)
Dragon god of justice, protection, nobility, and honor
Domains: Life, War
Symbol: Dragon’s head in profile

Corellon (Chaotic Good)
God of arcane magic, spring, beauty and the arts revered primarily by elves
Domains: Light, Arcana
Symbol: Starburst

Erathis (Lawful Neutral)
Goddess of civilization and invention
Domains: Knowledge
Symbol: Upper half of a clockwork gear

Ioun (Neutral)
Goddess of knowledge, skill, and prophecy revered primarily by scholars, magic-users
Domains: Knowledge, Arcana
Symbol: Crook shaped like a stylized eye

Kord (Chaotic Neutral)
God of the storm, strength and battle revered by warriors
Domains: Tempest, War
Symbol: Sword with a lightning bolt cross guard

Melora (Neutral)
Goddess of the wilderness and the sea
Domains: Nature, Tempest
Symbol: Seashell with a wavelike swirl

Moradin (Lawful Good)
God of creation, artisans, family, revered primarily by dwarves
Domains: Knowledge, War
Symbol: Anvil

Pelor (Neutral Good)
God of the sun, summer, agriculture and time
Domains: Life, Light
Symbol: Circle with six outwardly radiating points

Sehanine (Chaotic Good)
Goddess of trickery, love, moon and autumn revered by elves
Domains: Trickery
Symbol: Crescent moon

The Raven Queen (Lawful Neutral)
Goddess of death, fate, winter
Domains: Death, Knowledge
Symbol: Raven’s head in profile

Good and Neutral Deities

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