Campaing Traits

Campaign Traits

You can select one of the following traits for your character to flesh out his or her motivations.

Lightbringer Acolyte
You have recently been accepted into the Lightbringers, a renowned guild of undead hunters. The Lightbringers were created and are still sponsored by the priesthoods of Erathis and Pelor, but plenty of Lightbringers worship other deities.

A hero with this trait adds his proficiency bonus to saving throws made to resist fear effects caused by undead creatures.

Van Richten’s Student
You are a student of Dr. Rudolph van Richten. Perhaps you are a medical student hoping to learn from the renowned physician, or perhaps you are more interested in his more… esoteric… studies. Many years ago, van Richten’s son vanished, and from that point on the doctor became more insular, some say unstable. He has become obsessed with the study of the undead and the means of destroying them, and his students learn not only how to preserve life, but also to ensure that death stays permanent.

A hero with this trait gains proficiency in one of the following skills: Investigation, Medicine, or Religion.

You have seen up close the evil plaguing the Nentir Vale. Perhaps you were attacked by ghouls, zombies, lycanthropes, or even a more powerful creature like a vampire. In any case, you survived, but you lost someone close to you in the process of escaping. You don’t know what became of them, but considering the options, you hope they are dead.

A hero with this trait chooses the specific type of creature that attacked him. When fighting that type of creature, you fight far more wildly and fiercely, adding your proficiency bonus to damage dealt to that creature.

Weeks ago, you were attacked by a werewolf and injured. Though you feared the worst, you have not been transformed by the curse, but the attack has left its mark on you. Your eyes have changed from their original color to a yellow-gold shade like those of a wolf, and your sense of smell has been sharpened. These effects are particularly noticeable at night. You fear the curse is merely dormant within you, and you seek any information you can find about lycanthropy.

At night, a hero with this trait adds double his proficiency bonus to Perception checks as well as to survival checks made to follow a creature’s trail.

Seeking a Cure
Many have noticed that many of the creatures plaguing the Nentir Vale have particular curses associated with them that can be spread to their victims. You have made it your mission to find ways to help such victims resist the curses, and you hope to find a way to reverse them. You have had some success by working from the notes of Rudolph van Richten and other scholars.

A hero with this trait may use the medicine skill to help other characters resist effects placed on them by creatures of the night. If he have time to make a proper medicine check (in otherwords, not in combat, while climbing a mountain, etc.) on a creature suffering from a lasting effect from an attack by an undead or lycanthrope, his successful check grants the subject advantage on their next saving throw against the effect.

Campaing Traits

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