Strange happenings have begun to trouble the Nentir Vale, unknown creatures haunt the night, and strange mists drift across the lands, foreboding terrors yet unknown….

Character Creation Guidelines

  • Races: Any races from the Player Handbook are allowed, as well as the new races added in the Wiki on this site.
  • Classes and backgrounds: All classes and backgrounds from the Player Handbook and the Sword Coast book are allowed in addition to those on the wiki.
  • Traits: Look at the Campaign Traits on the wiki and select one for your character. These will help flesh out your motivations.
  • Ability Scores: Rather than rolling for ability scores, use the following spread of numbers for your ability scores, then add racial bonuses: 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8
  • Gear: You start play with gear based on your class and background, in addition to some small trinket if you wish.

Journeys in the Mists

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